• Fuel Filter Media

    Fuel Filter Media

    High Efficiency & Dust Holding Capacity Fuel/Water Separation Composite Filter Media Air Permeability : 41(L/m*s)2 SD Basis Weight : 235(g/m2) SD Stiffness:11(mN.m) Moisture : 3.9% PET...

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  • Air Filter Media

    Air Filter Media

    Flame retardant filter paper Flame retardant filter paper is developed for safety requirements of high-performance car to prevent carbide combustion under high temperature during running. Fire...

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  • Filter Media

    Filter Media

    apply to light duty oil,have high efficience

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  • Heavy Duty Air

    Heavy Duty Air

    RF3113CW The raw material wood pulp for automotive filter media are imported from Canada, Sweden, USA, Brazil and so on. There are 2 base paper production lines, 2 coating lines for water soluble...

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  • Oil Filtration For Light Duty

    Oil Filtration For Light Duty

    Application:Light Duty Filter SD Basis Weight(g/m²):138 Air Permeability(L/m.s²):444 20 μm Efficiency(75KPa,%):69.4 Dust Holding Capacity(g/m²,2000Pa):85 1. Good processability satisfy different...

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    Engine oil is filtered to remove impurities. Filtration of oil is normally done with volume filtration. Filter papers for lubrication oils are impregnated to resist high temperatures

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  • Oil Filter Paper
  • Oil Filter Paper
  • Filter Paper
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