• RF32310CY1-Oil Filtration For Heavy/Light Duty

    RF32310CY1-Oil Filtration For Heavy/Light Duty

    Application:Light/Heavy Duty Filter SD Basis Weight(g/m²):206 Air Permeability(L/m.s²):293 20 μm Efficiency(75KPa,%):72.9 Dust Holding Capacity(g/m²,2000Pa):149.95 1. Good processability satisfy different requirements on production process. 2. Curing oil filter paper(180℃ curing for 10 minutes)...

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  • Nonwoven/Cellulose Composite Filter Media-RF3145CWM

    Nonwoven/Cellulose Composite Filter Media-RF3145CWM

    Product Details Application:Gas Turbinr Air Intake Charatericitics:Nonwoven/Cellulose Composite Filter Media Filtration grade:H10/EN779-2012 Air Permeability : 183.3(L/m*s)2 SD Basis Weight : 177(g/m2) SD Stiffness : 7.1 ( mN.m ) PET spunbond nonwovens,PBT meltblown nonwoven fabric and filter...

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  • Light Duty Fuel Filter Media

    Light Duty Fuel Filter Media

    RF32012CY1 The raw material wood pulp for automotive filter media are imported from Canada, Sweden, USA, Brazil and so on. There are 2 base paper production lines and 2 coating lines for water soluble resin and alcohol soluble resin. For phenolic impregnated filter paper, the phenolic curing...

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