What Is The Use Of Oil Filter Paper?

- Jun 27, 2017 -

  What is the use of oil filter paper?

  Oil filter paper, suitable for transformer oil, turbine oil, mechanical oil and diesel oil filter, refinery refining lubricants, Vaseline filter; waste oil regeneration filter, insulating paint, dyes, beverages and fine chemical filtration and food industry in the beverage processing Filtration, grain and oil processing filter, frying oil processing filter.

  Oil filter paper has a good filter absorption performance and considerable compression strength.

  Oil filter paper for filtering oil, chemical products and industrial oils and other industrial organic suspension liquid to separate solid, semi-solid debris. Such as matching filter press filter oil, turbine oil, dissolved wax paraffin oil synthetic resin, dioctyl sebacate and other organic liquids.

  Sewage discharge is an important part of environmental protection, and now a lot of chemical plants in the waste water and sewage discharge, are filtered, first of all, is the impurities and sediment emissions, filter paper in the filter, the filter screen on the back , In the sewage flow, the sediment and other impurities to intercept, the only flow out of sewage, filter screen, in a certain period of time to clean. Then, the sewage to be discharged to the designated location or sewage treatment plant, in the final removal of the factory, the use of filter paper is high density, high temperature and other fine filter paper. This kind of sewage is very technical and safe in handling

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