What Are The Effects Of Fuel Filter Media Change And Not?

- Oct 27, 2017 -

Gasoline filters are one of the most common filter products for Fuel Filter Media manufacturers. The main function is to filter out impurities in gasoline. If the gasoline filter is dirty or blocked, mainly as follows: when the fuel door, the power up slowly, or get up, the car started difficult, and sometimes to fire 2-5 times to name. Most of the engine is a one-time loading and unloading of the paper filter oil filter, the replacement cycle is generally 10,000 km, if you add less gasoline impurities, 15000-20000 km replacement is also a problem. The filter has the arrow mark of the inlet and outlet ports.

Gasoline filter is the filter you usually add the impurities in the gasoline, a long time, your gasoline filter is full of dirt and soil, dregs; it is recommended to the number of kilometers to replace. If you do not change, or delay the change, certainly affect your car performance; such as poor oil, car refueling boring, a long time, greatly improved the performance of the filter filter, and ultimately lead to chronic damage to the engine, or even overhaul the engine. Taxi runs a few kilometers long and saw a taxi for a month to replace the gasoline filter inside the inside of the filter paper has been unable to use the language to describe, so if not changed, certainly bring great damage to the car.

For the performance characteristics of Fuel Filter Media products introduced:

If the filter is installed in the fuel line, it is called an external filter; otherwise, the internal filter is installed in the fuel pump and fuel tank inside the filter. Where the fuel tank filter or its protective cover is generally considered to be maintenance-free.

Many of the imported Fuel Filter Medias are connected by drums. In order to ensure the reliability of the connection seal, the same gasket must not be used repeatedly. In addition, even with a new gasket, it must be checked for tightness after fastening. When the fuel system needs to replace the "O" ring, it is necessary to ensure that the "O" ring model is accurate and verify that the ring's elasticity and hardness are appropriate.

No circuit fuel system has only one internal filter in the fuel tank, although this multi-unit pump, filter, conveyor unit is expensive, but when the fuel delivery is blocked or engine performance and therefore decline, it must also Timely and proper maintenance and maintenance. At the same time, it is necessary to check the failure of all fuel lines and the rupture and curling at the hose clamp.

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