The Role Of The Fuel Filter Media Is To Prevent The Particles In The Fuel

- Jul 21, 2017 -

  The role of the Fuel Filter Media is to prevent the particles in the fuel, water and waste, to ensure that the fuel system precision parts from wear and other damage.

  Why should the Fuel Filter Media be replaced regularly?

  Automobile use process, the impurities in the gasoline will enter the tank, with the increase in the use of time, the Fuel Filter Media will be dirty, attached to the waste, the filter effect will be greatly reduced. If not replaced in time, will affect the performance of the car, resulting in poor oil, car refueling boring and so on.

  How often does the Fuel Filter Media change?

  Fuel Filter Media replacement cycle is generally about 15000-20000 km, the specific best replacement time can refer to the instructions on the vehicle manual.

  Usually, the replacement of the Fuel Filter Media is carried out in the car when the maintenance, and air filter and oil filter at the same time replacement, which is what we call the "three filters."

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