The Construction Of "beautiful China" Paper Environmental Protection Is Top Priority

- Oct 09, 2015 -

NDRC's Bureau Inspector He Yanli in an interview with reporters, said that at present, China's paper industry from "number of leading" into the structure, quality, level on "quality-oriented" new stage of development. With the major world economic structure adjustment and a marked acceleration of economic and social transformation in China, China's paper industry faces the constraint of resources, energy and environment growing, urgent need to change the mode of development, speed up structural adjustment, industrial upgrading, take the road of green, low-carbon, industrial restructuring and upgrading. This is needed to cope with new situations and new challenges at home and abroad, is also needed for their own development.

To achieved traditional paper industrial to sustainable development of modern paper industrial change, Guide "Twelve-Five" paper industrial of health development, national NDRC, and industrial and information Department, and national forestry Council according to People's Republic of China economy and social development 12th a five years planning platform for of strategy deployment and requirements, common prepared and issued has paper industrial development "Twelve-Five" Planning (following referred to planning). Highlights total control of the planning, resource conservation, environmental protection, restructuring, transformation and upgrade, optimize the layout of the content and the spirit to determine the paper industry "Twelve-Five" direction, objectives and tasks, formulated supporting policies and measures. The release of the plan implementation to guide "Twelve-Five" sustained and healthy development of paper industry is of great significance.

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