Qualitative And Quantitative Filter Paper Contact Differences

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Filtration performance of filter paper is a good paper, paper porosity, absorption of the liquid with a strong performance. Analytical laboratory filter paper as a filtering medium, the solution and separation of solids. At present, China mainly quantitative filter paper filter paper, qualitative qualitative filter paper filter paper and chromatography into three categories. The concepts of quantitative and qualitative filter paper filter paper is cellulose filter paper, does not apply to other types of filters such as glass-fibre filter paper. Qualitative filter paper used for qualitative chemical analysis of filtration and separation. Qualitative filter paper commonly used for filtering solutions, chlorides, sulphates and other qualitative test do not need to calculate values and quantitative filter paper is used for precise calculations of the filter, such as the determination of residue, insoluble, ordinary filter paper filter, also need access to the high-temperature furnace treatment.

1. quantitative analysis quantitative analysis filter paper filter paper in the manufacturing process, the pulp processed by the hydrochloric acid and hydrofluoric acid, and distilled water wash, most of the impurities in paper fibers removed, so few residual ash after burning, has no impact on analysis results, suitable for precise quantitative analysis. Quantitative analysis of the current domestic production of filter paper, fast, medium and slow three categories, respectively, with a blue band at the filter tray (short), white (medium speed), red (slow) marked classified. Filter paper shapes are round and square of the two, round paper specifications diameter d9cm, dllcm, D12.5cm, d15cm d18cm several kinds. Square filter paper 30cmx30cm and 60cmx60cm.

2. qualitative analysis of more general qualitative filter paper filter paper residue ash, only general qualitative analysis and filter precipitation or aqueous suspension and cannot be used for qualitative analysis.

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