Production Technology Of High Precision Fuel Filter Paper

- Jun 27, 2017 -

  Production Technology of High Precision Fuel Filter Paper

  The general fuel filter uses a star filter paper folding structure, in this type of fuel filter inside, folding filter paper and plastic or metal filter at both ends of the connection, the oil into the filter after the outer wall through the layers Filter paper filter to reach the center, clean fuel outflow. Fuel Filter Paper  This filter paper generally uses corrugated fuel filter paper.

  More high-end engine is the use of high-precision filter paper, screw fuel filter, and star fuel filter, its filter paper wrapped in the central tube, the space utilization is high, in the same space size, can accommodate a larger Of the filter area, usually 3 times the star filter. After the waste oil enters, Fuel Filter Paper it is filtered directly through the filter paper and the impurity particles are retained in the filter paper trench. This fuel filter performance is superior, can make the fuel filter more accurate.

  High-precision filter paper main research content: ① pulp raw material selection; ② process parameters to determine; ③ wrinkle scraper selection; ④ wet strength agent selection; ⑤ anti-water compound application.

  1, the process ratio:

  (1) Rainbow fish coniferous pulp 50%;

  (2) Bowater (Po Shui) Coniferous wood 50%;

  (3) wet strength agent dosage: 5% (on the dry pulp);

  (4) Surface water resistance (6% concentration): 20%

  2, the process parameters to determine

  In order to take into account the paper strength, pore size, permeability of the relationship between the pulp must also be necessary to beat. Appropriate knocking degree, is conducive to ensuring the adhesion between the fibers, but also to reduce the maximum pore size. After repeated comparison, we believe that when the pulp refinance at 17 ° SR, the paper of the indicators closest to the requirements, Fuel Filter Paper and ultimately determine the pulp parameters of 17 ° SR, wet weight 9-10g.

  3, wrinkle scraper selection

  Filter paper wrinkles are mainly to increase the effective filter area of the filter, and the paper has a large number of grooves can accommodate more dirt, to extend the service life of the filter. Determine the depth of wrinkles is the thickness of the creping blade and the wrinkle angle. By the actual production of pattern detection, when the wrinkle blade thickness of 1.0mm, wrinkle angle is 25 °, the filter paper wrinkle depth to meet the requirements.

  4, anti-water compound application

  Other filter paper through the surface of the application of water-resistant resin, so that paper has sufficient strength and water resistance, to ensure the follow-up processing filter. However, high-precision filter paper before the sizing machine has been wrinkled, if the general filter paper surface sizing technology, Fuel Filter Paper re-impregnation of anti-water compounds, wrinkles will disappear or lighter. So how to apply water-resistant rubber on paper to become a high-precision filter paper production technology key. In many ways, the use of surface spray method of application of anti-water compound, and achieved good results.

  4, high-precision filter paper features:

  (1) the surface of the filter layer is uniformly sprayed with a layer of high strength and oil resistant latex layer, which increases the strength, stiffness and oil resistance of the fuel filter paper, thus improving its filtration precision and life span.

  (2) using baking Road hot air drying method, to maintain the filter paper permeability and loose thickness, Fuel Filter Paper after drying greatly improved.

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