Principle And Maintenance Of Fuel Filter Media

- Oct 11, 2017 -

Principle and maintenance of Fuel Filter Media

The Fuel Filter Media string is in the pipeline between the fuel pump and the throttle body inlet. The role of Fuel Filter Media is to include in the fuel of the iron oxide, dust and other solid debris removed, to prevent fuel system plugging (especially nozzle), reduce mechanical wear, to ensure stable operation of the engine, improve reliability. The structure of the fuel tank is an aluminum shell and a stainless steel stent, which is equipped with high efficiency filter paper assembly, filter paper into chrysanthemum shape, to increase the circulation area.

The EFI filter cannot be used with the carburetor filter. Because EFI filters often withstand 200-300kpa fuel pressure, therefore, the filter pressure strength is generally required to reach more than 500kPa, and the carburetor filter is not necessary to achieve such high pressure. The oil filter must be replaced every 30,000 kilometers. If the fuel impurity content is large, the driving distance should be shortened correspondingly. The arrows on the Fuel Filter Media housing indicate the direction of the fuel flow, and when the filter is installed, it is not allowed to flip. Even if it works for a short period of time it must also replace the maintenance of the air filter in the position of the car engine compartment on the right side (that is, the right front wheel position, a thick soft rubber hose attached to the black square plastic box is). Disassembly method is very simple (the design is to facilitate the car owners often remove the cleaning, the general model will not use screws fixed): Gently break the direction of the car at the end of the two metal Katz, can be the entire empty filter box forward, remove the filter can be cleaned. It may involve the thick rubber hose of the arm, unscrew the tube card with a cross screw, and remove the next one; If you have no experience, you'd better ask someone to take you back. The air filter cleans the environment every 1-3 months or after a long sand-dust section. Remove the air filter from the dust and blow with a high-pressure air nozzle (note not too close, or with a bicycle pump, or with a soft brush). And blow the air inlet box. The air filter should not be washed; there should be no water in the intake box; the old empty cartridge must be replaced in time. Demolition must remember the process, installation should be very smooth, if not smooth, Fuel Filter Media should find the reason to continue, do not need to use brute force. If it is really uncertain, you can not install the filter, as long as the box to remove the pieces of items, cover the lid, put back the pipe, drive to the repair shop will not have problems.

Maintenance of the oil filter in the use of internal combustion engine, dust, metal debris, carbon, such as mechanical impurities will continue to mix with oil, while the air and combustion of the exhaust gas on the oil oxidation, will also make the oil gradually produce glial, mechanical impurities and colloidal mixing will also form sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear parts, and easy to cause blockage of the oil circuit. To ensure the cleanliness of the oil, the engine is fitted with oil filters in the lubrication system. Most car engines currently use a rotary-type oil filter, a disposable filter that is not washable. Fuel Filter Media When replacing lubricating oil, the oil filter must be changed at the same time, otherwise it will affect the quality of lubricating oil.

Maintenance of the oil selection of the general oil is composed of basic oils and additives. The base oil mostly uses the mineral oil, the additive has the metal detergent, the anti-oxygen anti-corrosive agent, the rust-removing agent, the ash-free powder and the viscosity index modifier and so on. Oil added some chemicals with special functions can improve the quality of oil, not only can reduce the engine wear and prolong the service life of the machine, so that the piston and combustion chamber cleaner, lubricating oil road and fine filter on the quiet things less, and can save fuel to extend the use of oil replacement mileage, Fuel Filter Media general oil exchange period can reach more than 10,000 kilometers. In general, the engine speed is high and load less, lubrication pressure is low, diesel engine speed low load, lubrication pressure is high, both on the oil performance requirements of different, so the engine oil also depending on the type of different and two, one called petrol engine oil, another called diesel engine oil, they can not be mixed. As for the market, there is a general-purpose oil which can be used both for petrol engines and for diesel engines, and its performance satisfies the overlapping value of the engine oil level, so it also indicates the applicable oil level range, and it is not suitable for all automobiles.

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