Principle And Maintenance Of Fuel Filter Media

- Jul 21, 2017 -

  Principle and maintenance of Fuel Filter Media

  The Fuel Filter Media string is on the line between the fuel pump and the throttle body inlet port. The role of Fuel Filter Media is to contain in the fuel in the iron oxide, dust and other solid debris removed to prevent the fuel system plug (especially the nozzle), reduce mechanical wear, to ensure stable operation of the engine to improve reliability. The structure of the fuel burner is an aluminum shell and a stainless steel bracket, in the bracket with a high efficiency filter paper components, filter paper into a chrysanthemum-shaped, to increase the flow area.

  The ejection filter can not be used with the carburetor filter. Because the EFI filter often withstand 200-300kPa fuel pressure, so the filter pressure strength is generally required to reach 500kPa above, while the carburetor filter is not necessary to achieve such a high pressure. The filter filter must be replaced every thirty thousand kilometers. If the fuel impurity content is large, the travel distance should be shortened accordingly. The arrow on the Fuel Filter Media housing indicates the direction of flow of the fuel, and no flush is allowed when the filter is installed. Even if it is in the flip state for a short time must also be replaced by the maintenance of the air filter air filter position in the car engine compartment on the right side (ie right front wheel above the position, with the arm thick soft rubber hose attached The black square plastic box is). The demolition method is very simple (the design is to take into account the convenience of the owners often clean up the demolition, the general models will not use the screw fixed): gently break the direction of the rear of the two metal Katz, the entire empty box can be set off , Remove the filter can be cleaned. May be related to the arm of the thick rubber hose, with a screwdriver screwdriver card, remove a can; encountered other obstacles, carefully removed. If you have no experience, it is best to ask you to take you back Air filter depending on the use of the environment every three months or after long-distance sand and dust sections, clean up. Remove the air filter from the dust, blow it with a high-pressure air nozzle (be careful not to be too close, or use a bike pump, or with a soft brush). And blow the air intake box. Air filter should not be washed; intake box should not leave water; residual old air filter must be replaced in time. Demolition must remember the process, the installation should be very smooth, if not ring true, should find out the reasons to continue, without the use of brute force. If you are really uncertain, you can not install the filter, as long as the box out of pieces, cover back to the lid, back to the tube, drive to repair the plant will not be a problem.

  Maintenance of the oil filter internal combustion engine in the process, dust, metal debris, carbon and other mechanical impurities will continue to mix into the oil, while the air and combustion of the oil on the oxidation of oil, oil will gradually produce gum, Mechanical impurities and colloidal mixing will also form sludge, which will not only accelerate the wear of moving parts, but also easy to cause oil blockage. To ensure the cleaning of the oil, the engine is equipped with an oil filter in the lubrication system. At present, most car engines use a spin-on oil filter, which is a disposable filter that is not removable. When changing the oil must be replaced when the oil filter, otherwise it will affect the quality of lubricants. Maintenance of the oil selection General oil is composed of base oil and additives in two parts. Most of the base oil is mineral oil, additives are metal detergents, antioxidants, rust inhibitors, ashless dispersants and viscosity index improvers. The addition of some special chemicals to the oil can improve the quality of the oil, not only to reduce the engine wear and tear to extend the life of the machine, so that the piston and combustion chamber is more clean, lubricating oil and fine filter on the silence less, and Can save fuel to replace the use of oil mileage, the general oil exchange period of up to 10,000 km or more. In general, the gasoline engine high speed and low load, low lubrication pressure, diesel engine speed low load, high lubrication pressure, the two requirements of different oil performance, so the engine also depending on the type of engine and two different, one called Gasoline engine oil, the other called diesel engine oil, the two can not be mixed. As for the market there is a gasoline engine can also be used for diesel engine general-purpose oil, its performance to meet the two types of engine oil level overlap, it also marked the applicable oil level range, and can not apply to all cars.

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