Paper To Explore Diversified Development Paths

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Facing current difficulties encountered by China paper Association leadership, industry experts have tips for the enterprise--from pure production to service transformation, according to the market demand to extend the industrial chain; use of integrated high-value bio-refining technology using biomass resources, diversified exploration and mining new sources of profit. But more important is that some industry leaders have begun operations, and initial results have been achieved.

On March 18, the China paper Association, Chinese paper magazine, host of "Zhonghua 2013 industry Summit", the Qian Guijing, President of China paper Association said that currently, under the influence of the financial crisis, the paper industry is facing serious challenges and difficulties in production and operation of larger product sales price dropped drastically. In 2012, the industry gets the profits of production of paper and paperboard increased by only 3.61%, accounts receivable increased by nearly 93.46%; total loss of papermaking and paper products increased by 33.44%. This is the case, there are many reasons, in addition to the negative effects of the global financial crisis, industry production staged double imbalance is an important reason.

2012, China's exports grew 7.9%, growth fell by more than 10% exports led to sharp decline in demand for paper packaging products. Preliminary estimates, export packaging paper and paperboard consumption in more than 20 million tonnes per year. 2012 national output of paper products, packaging boxes yield fell 1.64%.

The other hand, after more than 10 years of rapid development in the pulp and paper industry after successfully address the historical problems of insufficient market supply, more paper with a staged situation of overcapacity. When the decline in market demand, companies strive to cut prices, average prices by 600-1200 tons of paper. This is the benefit the important reasons for the decline. In addition Enterprise debt rate higher, higher financial expenses and rising energy and labor costs, resulting in benefits fall sharply.

Qian Guijing pointed out that the current urgent to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of pulp and paper industry. Enterprises should fully recognize that had long relied on high input, high consumption, low cost model of growth is unsustainable. Industry should accelerate from resources consumption to the intensive use of factors of production change, from relying on expanding investment and expansion by relying on technological progress and innovation and upgrading.

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