Method Of Using Air Filter Paper

- Jul 10, 2017 -

  Method of using Air Filter Paper

  In the experiment the use of Air Filter Paper together with filters funnel and cloth funnel and other instruments used together. Before use to fold the Air Filter Paper into the appropriate shape, the common method is to fold the Air Filter Paper into a similar shape. The higher the folding degree of Air Filter Paper, the higher the surface area can provide, the better the filtration effect, but be careful not to fold too much and cause the filter to rupture. Put the drainage of the glass bar on the multi-layer Air Filter Paper, force evenly, to avoid the destruction of Air Filter Paper.

  Air Filter Paper Operation process

  1. Fold the Air Filter Paper in half, two times in a row, and fold it into 90° angle shape. Funnel

  2. Put the folded Air Filter Paper, on one side three layers, the other side of the layer open, funnel-like.

  3. Funnel-shaped Air Filter Paper into the funnel, Air Filter Paper edge below the funnel edge, pour some water into the funnel mouth, so that the wet Air Filter Paper and funnel inside the wall, and then the remaining water poured away, to be used.

  4. The funnel fitted with the Air Filter Paper is placed on a funnel rack for filtration (such as the Ring on the Iron platform), a beaker or a test tube is lowered into the funnel neck to receive the filter, and the tip of the funnel neck is positioned against the wall of the receptacle.

  5. When the liquid is injected into the funnel, the right hand holds the liquid beaker, the left hand holds the glass rod, glass bar bottom by tight funnel three layer low side, so that the cup mouth close to the glass bar, to filter liquid flow along the cup mouth, and then along the tilt of the glass rod, flow into the funnel, flowing into the funnel liquid, the liquid surface can not exceed the height of the Air Filter Paper in the funnel.

  6. When the liquid is filtered through the Air Filter Paper and down the funnel neck, check to see if the liquid is flowing down the cup wall and into the bottom of the cup. Otherwise, you should move the beaker or the rotary funnel so that the tip of the funnel is fastened with the beaker wall, so that the liquid will flow slowly along the inner wall of the beaker.

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