Media Roll Air Filter, High-Lofted Fiberglass Media

- Jun 01, 2016 -

Basic Info

Product Description

1)       Made of long fibreglass in non-woven way,large ventilation quantity,small resistance, good efficiency of the dust arrestance for the over-spray.

2 )     It is applied to the superficial spray coating high quality painting-spray filtration, high dust catching, specially , PA-50/60/PA-100 is suitable for using heat recovery system

3 )      High strength fibreglass increasing structure;the windward side is green ,the leeward side is white..

4 )     The low compression performance maintains its outlook,which is completely useful for the filtration fibre to keep the oil mist and the dust

5 )      Nonflammability, heat resistance 170°C temperature

6 )      The compression packing may save the fare and the storage space in the transportation.After decompression, it will regain its original condition

7 )      Outer frame  may choose the paper frame , the galvanization iron frame,or 

aluminium alloy frame.

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