Mechanical Difference Between Clean Paper And Traditional Cotton Gauze

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Uses unique embossing technology, non-woven structure of wood pulp, no fiber. Special pollution-free technologies, creating an excellent wiping materials, oil absorption, and is best suited for cleaning of oil and dirt surface. And not flaky, absorbent and does not dissolve in water, solvent. Suitable for wet or dry. High availability, quality, size, stability, without clipping. Tough, easy to fracture, soft to the touch, does not contain anything that could scratch the surface of the medium. Easy to deal with and no secondary pollution problems. Wipe cloth can perfectly substitute for DuPont, Kimberly-cloth, while reducing costs.

Field of application:

Automobile manufacturing mechanical/electro-mechanical industries: machine tools, elevators and so on; measuring and precision machinery industries: measuring equipment, tooling, precision equipment; shipbuilding; rolling production, printing, pharmaceutical, chemical and other.

Compare with cotton yarn, cloth:

Cotton yarn, cotton cloth, black cloth was earlier used for machining center machine equipment cleaning supplies, for the wipe effect is not ideal, and more troublesome to deal with, so it was gradually replaced by this professional clean raw materials. In terms of cost, cotton yarn and cloth because poor cleanliness, repeatedly wiping, faster. Professional cloth because of its good cleaning effect, dosage provinces, also saves costs. General Accounting, professional cleaning cloth use cost and will not be higher than cotton yarn, cloth and cheap.

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