It Is Important To Clean Up The Fuel Filter Media

- Oct 11, 2017 -

It is important to clean up the Fuel Filter Media. The Fuel Filter Media string is in the pipeline between the fuel pump and the throttle body inlet.

The role of the Fuel Filter Media is to include iron oxide in the fuel, dust, such as solid debris removal, to prevent fuel system plugging (especially nozzle), reduce mechanical wear, to ensure stable operation of the engine, improve reliability, the structure of the fuel tank is composed of an aluminum shell and a stainless steel stent, the stent is equipped with high efficiency filter paper components, As a daisy-shaped filter paper to increase the circulation area, the EFI filter can not be used with the carburetor filter universal. Because the EFI filter often withstands the 200~300kpa fuel pressure. Therefore, the filter pressure strength general requirements to reach more than 500kPa, carburetor filter can not meet the requirements.

The Fuel Filter Media must be replaced every 30,000 kilometers. If the fuel impurity content is large, the driving distance should be shortened correspondingly. The arrows on the Fuel Filter Media housing indicate the direction of the fuel flow, and when installing the Fuel Filter Media, it is not allowed to flip. Even if it works a short time in flip, it has to be replaced.

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