How To Replace The Fuel Filter Media

- Oct 23, 2017 -

As the saying goes to yourself, abundance. Next Xiaobian will introduce how to replace the Fuel Filter Media, but also let everyone more intuitive understanding of the structure of Fuel Filter Medias.

1, disconnect the power supply

Unplug the vehicle key and disconnect the vehicle's pump fuse or disconnect the vehicle from the pump and prevent the pump from moving out of the pump when removing the pump.

2, remove the pump assembly

Remove the rear seat cushion and the cover on the pump, then you can see the pump assembly. The oil pump assembly is fixed by a black buckle, remove the plug on the pump and the tubing after the use of special tools to remove the clasp. Remove the oil ring assembly after removing the ring.

3, replace the new Fuel Filter Media

Replace the old fuel pump assembly with a new Fuel Filter Media and replace the new petrol filter assembly with the corresponding components on the old petrol filter.

4, coated with Vaseline lubricating seal

The oil filter assembly to replace the Fuel Filter Media installed back to the tank, the fuel pump seal on the seal coated with Vaseline lubrication, to avoid sealing the ring after the seal is not tightly caused by fuel or fuel gas leakage.

5, fixed card ring

Install the retaining ring of the pump and tighten the snap ring with a special tool according to the standard torque on the service manual.

6, check for leaks

Install the oil pump plug and fuel pump on the pump can test the existence of a leak, if there is no leakage can be installed seat, there is leakage, then you have to re-seal the seal ring.

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