Fuel Filter Media Maintenance Process Which Is Most Likely To Neglect The Problem

- Aug 16, 2017 -

  Fuel Filter Media maintenance process which is most likely to neglect the problem, the Fuel Filter Media in the maintenance process prone to oil leakage and filter impurities are not clean and a series of problems, these problems are the most vulnerable to filter the problem, we Driving need to pay attention to the car inside the Fuel Filter Media structure and engine problems.

  1, some users will Fuel Filter Media tray and spring position reversed, or even throw them away, so that the Fuel Filter Media cover on the oil hole in the open state, the diesel can not be filtered and directly into the fuel pump.

  2, some users in the maintenance of Fuel Filter Medias, Fuel Filter Media the filter body of the upper and lower sealed rubber washers and oil hood, so that the filter without filter through the filter and the gap between the filter and the filter cover into the filter without resistance Cavity, so that the filter does not filter the role of filtration.

  3, some people in the maintenance of diesel generating units, open the filter and found that the inside and the filter is particularly clean without any impurities and moisture, that is, the use of oil is very clean. As everyone knows, this is a false impression, is due to loose filter paper filter material, caused by excessive pores, then filter paper did not play a filtering effect. If the use of the process, found that the diesel fuel system of the three major precision parts, Fuel Filter Media especially the plug plug serious wear and tear, it may be caused by poor quality filter.

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