Fuel Filter Media Is One Of The Important Parts Of The Car Fast And Safe Driving On The Road

- Oct 23, 2017 -

Fuel Filter Media is one of the important parts of the car that is fast and safe to travel on the road. We understand that the principle of filter and maintenance knowledge can effectively avoid engine failure caused by Fuel Filter Media problem.

Fuel Filter Media is mainly in the fuel pump and throttle body into the port between the pipeline, it is a major component of the engine.

So what is the principle of Fuel Filter Media?

Fuel Filter Medias can remove moisture and impurity particles that can damage the engine, are engine clogged and reduce wear, ensure that the engine is told to run; there is an inverted funnel in the filter because the water and magazine are heavier than fuel , So the edge of the funnel will naturally filter out, so that you can easily solve the problem of impurities.

The Fuel Filter Media has an aluminum case and a stainless steel bracket, and the filter paper (chrysanthemum-like) is placed on the bracket, and the contact area can be effectively increased by folding the chrysanthemum filter paper.

In the use of our filter, our filter maintenance work is also very important.

In general, a filter about 30,000 km for a time, if the loss of a larger, we can shorten the appropriate distance, such as in twenty-five or twenty thousand can change once.

When installing the filter, pay attention to the direction of installation of the filter, do not reverse the installation. Even if the inverted installation, working life will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, in our usual car driving process, not only to maintain the outside of our car, the maintenance of internal parts is also very important, warm remind you, pay attention to filter maintenance can effectively solve our engine life problems for our work Travel escort, but also to make our opening trip becomes more smoothly!

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