Fuel Filter Media (Fuel Filter Media) Purchase Notes

- Jul 21, 2017 -

  What should be done during the Fuel Filter Media maintenance cycle?

  The amount of water accumulated in the primary filter (oil-water separation filter) when the fuel is injected every day;

  Carrying a spare Fuel Filter Media to cope with the situation where only poor fuel is added;

  Not for the filter long life and use low filter accuracy filter - if this will greatly shorten the fuel pump and fuel nozzle life;

  If biodiesel is used, make sure that the fuel supplied by the supplier meets the current fuel standards;

  For some sort of biodiesel you will use, make sure your engine is available;

  When using your own tank, it is best to use an oil storage filter to ensure that the fuel that is added to the vehicle is free of contaminants.

  Fuel Filter Media (Fuel Filter Media) replacement cycle

  Fuel Filter Media is recommended to replace every 10,000 km, the fuel tank built-in Fuel Filter Media 4 to 8 million km replacement. There may be slight differences in the maintenance cycle between the different models.

  Large maintenance, the Fuel Filter Media and oil, machine filter, air filter at the same time replacement. Burning filter replacement is more complex, do not easily do their own hands, need to be specially operated by the special store installation.

  The necessity of Fuel Filter Media (Fuel Filter Media) replacement

  Fuel Filter Media according to the different fuel can be divided into gasoline filters and diesel filters, household cars are mainly used in gasoline filters, petrol filter and fuel tank built-in and external.

  Vehicles with the use of age, mileage increases, Fuel Filter Media long-term work, to reach a certain life cycle, will lead to vehicle speed weakness, increased fuel consumption, increased noise, reduced control performance.

  Fuel Filter Media (Fuel Filter Media) purchase notes

  1, before buying the goods, please be sure to check the car models, displacement and other information to ensure that the correct type of accessories to buy. You can check the car maintenance manual, you can also use the car care worry network according to the "self maintenance" function.

  2, Fuel Filter Media in the large maintenance, the general and oil, machine filter, air filter at the same time replacement.

  3, the choice of high-quality Fuel Filter Media, low-grade Fuel Filter Media often lead to poor fuel supply, lack of power or even flame. Impurities are not filtered, a long time, oil and fuel injection system will be damaged.

  4, when the feeling of speed significantly reduced, the engine acceleration is bad, when the car is running weak, it is necessary to think of Fuel Filter Media may have been blocked, and need to check in time.

  Under normal circumstances, the difference between true and false Fuel Filter Media is mainly in the following areas:

  Appearance: the quality of work points

  Fake Fuel Filter Media work more rough, in the corner corner with the naked eye can see; In addition, the weight is also different, due to the selection of different materials, fake petrol filter is often relatively light.

  Filter paper: the ability to filter points

  In the filter paper, fake Fuel Filter Media used in the filter material is often unqualified, which will not filter the impurities in gasoline, long-term use will affect the normal work of the fuel system.

  Life: the length of life of the points

  Life, the fake Fuel Filter Media used in the filter paper material is poor, on the one hand easy to premature damage; the other hand, this is the filter paper debris easily into the gasoline, which may lead to oil blockage or damage to gasoline Pump.

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