Fuel Filter Media Change Cycle

- Jun 13, 2017 -

  Fuel Filter Media Change Cycle

  Fuel Filter Media recommended for every 10,000 km replacement, fuel tank built-in oil filter $number million kilometers replacement. There may be a slight difference in the maintenance cycle between different models.

  Large maintenance, Fuel Filter Media general and oil, machine filter, air filtration at the same time. The installation and replacement of the gas filter is more complicated, do not easily hands-on operation, need to be commissioned by the professional operators to install.

  The need for Fuel Filter Media replacement

  Fuel Filter Medias can be divided into gasoline filters and diesel filters according to fuel, the main use of domestic vehicles is gasoline filters, gasoline filtration and oil tank built-in and external type.

  With the use of the age of vehicles, the increase in mileage, Fuel Filter Media long-term work, to reach a certain life cycle, will lead to the car speed, fuel consumption, noise increase, control performance and so on.

  Fuel Filter Media Selection Considerations

  1, the purchase of goods before, please be sure to verify the car models, displacement and other information to ensure that the correct model to buy accessories. You can check the car maintenance manual, you can also use according to the worry-free network "Self-Service maintenance" function.

  2, Fuel Filter Media in the major maintenance, general and oil, machine filtration, air filtration at the same time.

  3, the selection of high-quality Fuel Filter Media, poor quality Fuel Filter Media often lead to poor fuel supply, car power shortage or even flameout. Impurities do not filter, long time, oil and fuel injection systems will also corrode damage.

  4, when the feeling speed is obviously reduced, engine acceleration is bad, the car is unable to travel, it is necessary to think that the Fuel Filter Media may have been blocked, the need for timely inspection.

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