Fuel Filter Media The Role Is To Filter Out These Debris

- May 14, 2018 -

At present, the vehicle engine is basically an internal combustion engine, the main use of gasoline and diesel fuel. As a fuel, it must be on the quality of oil and clean the degree of certain requirements. As a result of refining and processing reasons, finished fuel contains a certain amount of impurities, moisture and gum. The effect of the fuel filter is to filter out these debris in the fuel and supply clean fuel to the engine. If the fuel filter is bad, the gasoline in the debris easy to plug the carburetor in the small holes, so that the carburetor poor work, flammable mixture thinning; diesel debris into the fuel pump, easy to accelerate the wear of precision , So that the pump pressure drop. If the fuel in the water, the glue into the cylinder, the combustible mixture will burn bad, so that the engine power decline.

Gasoline filters are generally only one level, installed between the fuel tank and the gasoline pump or between the gasoline pump and carburetor. As the diesel engine supply system has three precision parts, the degree of cleanliness of the diesel oil is higher, and the high content of diesel in the gum, in order to improve the efficiency of filtration, diesel filters generally have two or more levels, divided into Diesel coarse, fine filter, also known as oil-water separator and diesel fine filter. Respectively, installed in the diesel fuel tank and pump, between the pump and fuel pump, and some diesel engines also have a precipitation cup, used to precipitate the water and impurities in diesel.

The type of fuel filter

The fuel filters are filtered and filtered. In the early days, the filter of the gasoline filter has metal slit type, metal filter type, nylon cloth type, porous ceramic type and so on; diesel filter filter cartridge type felt type, nylon cloth type, cotton type Several. These filters through the performance is good, long life, but the widespread existence of low filtration efficiency, complex structure, high cost, maintenance and other shortcomings, has been gradually eliminated. At present, gasoline filters and diesel filters are commonly used microporous paper filter, the phenolic resin treatment, made of folding tube, with good performance, high filtration efficiency, simple structure, low cost, easy maintenance advantage.

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