Difference Between True And False Fuel Filter Medias

- Oct 11, 2017 -

The difference between true and false Fuel Filter Media mainly lies in the following aspects:

Appearance: Quality of workmanship

Fake Fuel Filter Medias work more rough, at the edge corner with the naked eye can be seen, in addition, the weight is also different, because the selection of different materials, false gasoline filters tend to be relatively light.

Filter paper: Filtration capacity

In the filter paper, fake Fuel Filter Medias used in the filtration materials are often unqualified, this will be the impurities in the gasoline filter inadequate, long-term use will affect the normal operation of the fuel system.

Longevity: Length of service life

In terms of life expectancy, the filter paper used in the fake Fuel Filter Media is poor in material and prone to premature damage; On the other hand, this is a filter paper that produces debris that is easy to get into the gasoline, which may cause the oil circuit to clog or damage the petrol pump.

Fuel Filter Media (filter) Purchase notes

1, the purchase of goods before, please be sure to verify the car models, displacement and other information to ensure that the correct model to buy accessories. You can check the car maintenance manual, you can also use according to the worry-free network "Self-Service maintenance" function.

2, Fuel Filter Media in the large maintenance, general and oil, machine filtration, air filtration at the same time to replace.

3, the selection of high-quality Fuel Filter Media, poor quality Fuel Filter Media often lead to poor fuel supply, car power shortage or even flameout. Impurities do not filter, long time, oil and fuel injection systems will also corrode damage.

4, when the feeling speed is obviously reduced, engine acceleration is bad, the car is unable to travel, it is necessary to think that the Fuel Filter Media may have been blocked, the need for timely inspection.

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