Diesel Filter Media Oil Is How To Clean Up The Water

- Aug 16, 2017 -

  Diesel Filter Media oil is how to clean up the water, diesel Filter Media is a very good gadget, this accessory can help the engine will not be infested by diesel impurities, but the diesel Filter Media hardware cleaning is also very important Month to set a time to clean up, clean up the attention to small parts to gently.

  1, the structure of diesel Filter Medias roughly the same with the oil Filter Media, there are two kinds of interchangeable and screw-mounted. But its work pressure and oil temperature requirements are much lower than the oil Filter Media, and its filtration efficiency requirements are much higher than the oil Filter Media. Diesel Filter Media Filter Media using Filter Media paper, but also the use of felt or polymer materials. Diesel Filter Media can be divided into diesel water separator, diesel fine Filter Media. Oil and water separator is an important function of separation of diesel water.

  The presence of water for the diesel engine fuel system is extremely harmful, corrosion, wear, stuck and even worsen the combustion process of diesel. As the sulfur content of diesel in China is higher, in the combustion occurs, and even the reaction of water generated sulfuric acid corrosion engine parts. The traditional way of removing water is mainly precipitated through the funnel structure. More than three emissions of the engine on the water separation of higher requirements, high requirements on the need to use high-performance Filter Media media.

  2, ① the fuel tank switch off, remove the tubing and then open. So that the water flow in the container, to be out of diesel when the switch off, installed tubing. The effluent in the container to precipitate, until the oil and water separation, the upper diesel oil poured into the tank. ② Remove the plug underneath the Filter Media so that the diesel flows into the container. After the diesel flow out of tight plug. The effluent in the container is treated as described above.

  3, diesel Filter Media water only one possible, outside into the tank can not produce water out of thin air. So either the quality of diesel, or is the tank somewhere can enter the water. If the diesel Filter Media inside the water is very much, then focus on checking the fuel tank cover is sealed, the upper part of the tank there are leakage and so on.

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