China's Medium-and Long-term Improvement In Pulp And Paper Industry Show

- Oct 09, 2015 -

By the all-China Federation of industry and Commerce paper Merchants Association 2012 completed compiled jointly with the China National light industry information center of China's paper industry development and 2013 trends research report released on March 18.

Report total points seven Department points, according to China Light economic run and the forecast warning system of requirements, respectively on paper industry of basic structure, and run situation analysis, and industry dynamic and major effect event, and industry investment development situation, and focus enterprise development situation, and 2013 industry situation analysis and forecast and promote industry development of policy recommends for summary, and analysis and research, and proposed conclusion and forecast.

The report argued that, although the 2012 general development situation of China's paper industry continue to slump, there is overcapacity and other problems, but the pulp and paper industry is a long-term improvement trend. 2012 or starting point for medium-and long-term improvement. The report forecast for 2013 strategy of paper industry will continue to be a period of adjustment.

The report shows that currently the papermaking and paper products industry enterprises above designated size 7,207. In 2012, the papermaking and paper products industry's fixed asset investment reached 222.09 billion yuan, an increase of 15.5%. The national paper industry (including 3 pulp, paper and paper products industry), total industrial output value of 1,285,970,000,000 trillion yuan, an increase of 11.96%; a profit of 55.28 billion yuan, an increase of 8.42%.

Report think, in external and internal environment occurred complex changes of situation Xia, 2012 China mechanism and the cardboard production for 113.75 million tons, production again innovation high, continues to keep global first; and in previous years two bit number of growth compared, 2012 production growth obviously down, compared only growth 4.65%; sales rate slightly has declined, industry exists with starts rate insufficient, and inventory increased and profit fell of difficult.

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