Centralized Filtration Systems Overview

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Magnetic divider or scraper precipitation overview

When the large amount of debris, according to the actual situation, with magnetic separator or scraper precipitation, isolated most of the chips to reduce tape of two-stage vacuum pump filter the workload, reduce the consumption of filter cloth, and reduced operating costs.

Second, the vacuum suction vacuum tape filters Overview:

1. the filter

Vacuum suction vacuum tape filters, filtrate can be precision filtration and 10-20 microns. Adopts the upper clean solution tank and ground for fluid pumps, convenient for cleaning the water tank and pump maintenance.

Vacuum tape filters by the dirty tank, sieve plate, filter paper feed mechanism, pumping fluid NET liquid box, tank, filter pumps, pumps for liquid, scraper sewage Agency, residue dewatering body, filter scraping slag mechanism, waste paper winding mechanism and PLC control system. By the return of liquid pumping cutting fluid into the dirty tank filters, dirty tank is below perforated plate and filter comprising filter paper layers. Pumping liquid box in filter pump of pumping sucking role Xia formed vacuum, makes filter layer upper and lower on both sides formed pressure poor, dirty cutting liquid in pressure role Xia fast penetration filter paper into pumping liquid box became net liquid, and was filter pump pumping sent to above of net liquid box within, filter precision can reached 10~20 μ m, again by for liquid pump by must of pressure entered for liquid tube, sent to the Taiwan machine.

2. system control

Systems throughout the process, including liquid level control, carriage control, scraper sewage control, filter pump and hydraulic pump on/off control, water control, condition of the hand/automatic control, led indicator and fault alarm control, all controlled by a programmable controller automatically.

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