Auto Air Filter Media

- Jun 01, 2016 -

Basic Info

Auto air filter media

 air filter media of PP frame filters consists of many layers of filtration materials, and it is a compound filter material of gradient changes. The fiber structure from the inlet layer to the outlet layer is from thin to thick and sparse to dense, and the filtration mechanism is done through different filter layers and fiber surface. The filter cloth has a certain rightness hardness and excellent air permeability after treatment of special process conditions. The filter media's hydrophobicity and dust holding performance is three times better than that of the ordinary filter paper, and the filter media's initial filtration efficiency is more than 99.9%. The filter media is of 200m length and can be cut according to the customers' demands. The product is mainly used in the limousine's pp frame air filters and also used in the air conditioner's recirculating air filtration and other aspects.

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