With prospects of filter paper

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Industry filter paper development more and more rapidly, accounted for a large proportion in the market, industrial filter is a filter paper filter paper after coating treatment. Now the rise of the automobile industry filter paper, more and more consumers agree, low cost auto industry filter paper, but also played "heart" the engine "lungs" of the role to remove impurities in the air, oil and fuel, engine wear and prolong the life of the mechanical parts. Industrial filter paper is not only used in transformers, used in chemical, beverage, pharmaceutical, and so on.

Now industry filter paper in food applications as follows: foods of bullet-proof vests. Future food wrapped with a thin, waterproof and bacteria. Why this nano paper with such a magical effect? Mainly because of the titanium dioxide firmly "glued" on the Nano-fiber filter paper, Furthermore, the molecule is introduced into the different layers of titanium dioxide, a range of new materials. Is the role of industry filter paper greater and broader range of applications, based on the low cost, the value is even more. So prospects for industrial filter paper is huge, industry filter paper development is immeasurable.

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