Voltage regulator oil filter paper required frequent replacement

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Vacuum oil filter is generally used now, it can completely remove the moisture in oil and gas, but also can remove minor impurities. The process is: the treatment of transformer oil coarse filter → fine filter → → → heating oil vacuum dehydration and gas oil. Coarse filter using a metal strainer and strong magnet, fine filters often filter small impurities 1~ μ m. At present many types of fine filters, microporous metal powder sintered materials, metal materials, ceramic filter filter filter pistil and the use of a special structure, and so on.

Transformer oil vacuum dehydration and heating gas. Its principle is to vacuum tank, heating oil mist spray method for transformer oil formation, in the oil and gas and moisture to escape. Oil temperature is generally around 65 degrees, not too high, so as not to make the oil age. Dehydration and the effect of this approach is better, is more commonly used method. However, if the oil were sprayed into very fine mist, you easily vacuum pump.

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