How to use filter paper doing chemistry experiments

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Outside of filter paper in addition to filtering, has often been used in other experiments, such as kerosene for filter paper suction surface of potassium, sodium, use filter paper as a carrier of flame reaction, using filter paper laminated cell experiments, spray color reaction with filter paper, and so on. The following cite several innovative, representative examples:

1, the reaction between sodium and water

1.1 operation

Take a Petri dish, into the 1/2 of the volume of water, add a few drops of phenolphthalein solution, carefully cut a circular filter paper posted on such a surface, use tweezers to take bean size grain of sodium metal, after removal of fuel placed on wet filter paper, and cover a large beaker. Because sodium on the filter paper cannot swim, their reaction is easy to accumulate, sodium can be seen on filter paper melted into the ball, and after a short moment, and give a yellow flame and produces a lot of white smoke (the product is light yellow sodium peroxide, when the actual observation of the smoke's color is white), red gradient filter under the water solution.

1.2 details

(1) filter cannot be immersed in water, it can float on water, or sodium does not burn.

(2) the potassium metal reacts with water can also use these methods.

(3) on wet filter paper reaction of sodium and no sodium particles swimming around the phenomenon of channeling and the splash, suggesting that changes in reaction conditions are causing phenomena of change.

(4) the experiment has the advantage of: phenomena in the reaction between sodium and water can not only see but also can observe the phenomenon of experiment of sodium burning in air experimentally increased security, and pollution-free.

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