Global grid Alliance: power-assisted water filtration technology research

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Recently, IBM Global Network Alliance and Tsinghua University "water calculation" research project was formally initiated in Beijing, the two sides will jointly establish a mechanics and multidisciplinary research and innovation centre, solve China's water pollution issues facing the town.

Spring Zheng, Tsinghua University Professor of Chinese and foreign multidisciplinary research team developed innovative water filtration technologies, through the use of water in the caliber is extremely small, only a few water molecules to pass through the filter pipe in the Super fast flows and water evaporation in the specially treated surface extraordinary, to achieve lower energy consumption of sewage purification while increasing freshwater production, and ultimately reduce the cost of purifying water.

However, the key to this technology is put into practical application is whether the ability to accurately simulate the water molecules in membrane low-speed flow in pipeline to understand its mechanism, so as to create cost effective water treatment equipment. This simulation, mass calculation is needed, this requires that scientific research institutions with a great deal of computing power. A rough estimate, research project required millions of computers hours, if only by relying on existing compute resources, needs thousands of years of time. By working with IBM, project calculation time can be shortened to one year.

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