Filter Media-Renfeng

- May 02, 2017 -

Using chemical synthetic fibers, in accordance with different diameter
And density of them, make into a conformation of the increase in density
By non-woven process

The structure of gradually increase the density of fibers can block
Particles of various sizes at the levels of different density. It has
A large capacity of dust quantity.

Under higher air velocity the separator will still maintain the
Original shape. It has advantages of low cost and long service life

Using different melting point of exterior and interior of the fiber,
Thick and thin fibers was fused together by hot-melt fibers

There are full-viscous (spraying glue with three-dimensional treatment),
Semi-viscous (spraying glue with surface treatment) and non-viscous
(no glue) filter to choose from

Suitable for the air supply system at top of the spraying-baking booth
In painting factory to safeguard a high degree of cleanliness and
Air-distribution uniformity. Trapping small dust particles and preventing
Pollution of paint.

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