Filter special paper review

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Filter technique commonly used filter medium-filter for special paper (cardboard), their characteristics are: strong mechanical endurance, loose and porous, high chemical inertia, permeability is very good. When operating in filtering, the filter paper able to withstand the impact of gases or liquids, and is in contact with it also there will not be any effect. Meanwhile, you can also ensure the smooth passage of gas or liquid, very little resistance, high separation efficiency.

Filter special paper quantitative comparison of quantitative 300g/m2 the following thickness (1. Omm)。 Filter elements that can be processed into a variety of shapes, used with the filter. Filter special quantitative in 300g/m2 above, the thickness of the Board (5mm), can be processed into the desired size, and supporting the use of plate and frame filter press. Filter special paper (cardboard), the manufacturing process must address is: page strength (tensile strength, bursting strength) and performance (pore size, filtering time) the two conflicting issues. According to the separation of different targets. Filter gas and liquids in General two categories. Filter gas includes gas are: (1) dust, gases, namely, plant burning waste gas, exhaust (2) Toxic aerosols, aerosol containing bacteria, gas, lead smoke, and (3) of radioactive gas, which contain natural or artificial radioactive dust and gas, (4) air of radioactive, radioactive iodine, radon and Xenon gas. Liquid contains some liquids are: (1) oil, fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, and (2) water, namely water, emulsion (3) organic solvents, such as benzene, xylene and solution.

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