Filter role in guaranteeing safe production

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Filter device equipment installation Hou, by technicians for debugging, set filter time and cleaning conversion time, stay processing of water by into water mouth into body, filter device began normal work, dang reached preset cleaning time Shi, electric control device to hydraulic control valve, and drive motor signal, raised following action: electric machine led brush rotating, on filter for cleaning, while control valve open for sewage, whole cleaning process just continued number ten seconds, dang cleaning end Shi, close control valve, motor stop turned, Restore the system to its initial state, start into the next process. Make a new generation of filters not only had to filter the water to function, and can also automatically cleaning, filter sewage, uninterrupted water supply at the same time, more user-friendly. Water filters can remove silt, clay, rust, suspended matter, algae, Biofouling, corrosion products, macromolecules bacteria, organic matter and other tiny particles and other impurities, achieve the purpose of water purification.

Technology is ripe for domestic filters, filter sewage treatment industry in various industries think filtration is the most essential part. Filters not only had to filter the water to function, while automatic cleaning, sewage, cleaning the uninterrupted water supply at the same time. Filter at work, after entering the filter basket when fluid passes through the cylinder, solid particles are blocked within the filter basket and clean fluid through the filter basket and filter egress. When cleaning is required, screw head bottom plug, drain the fluid, remove flange covers, cleaning up after reload. Therefore, it is extremely easy to use and maintenance.

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