Characteristics of fibers and filter for filtering materials

- Oct 09, 2015 -

Polyester fiber and its filtration properties

Polyester, generic polyester (PolyesterPE), namely, polyethylene terephthalate (PolyethyleneterephthalatePET), the proportion of 1.38g/cm3, melting point 256, breaking tenacity 5.5G/d, limiting oxygen index of 22. It is a thermoplastic fibers, fire burning and dripping, so polyester filter material can be used, Singeing, such as post-processing can withstand 135 ℃ operating temperature in dry conditions, at 135 ° c above the temperature of continuous working time will harden, faded, brittleness, short-term high temperature will also weaken the strength.

Poor resistance to hydrolysis of polyester fiber, not suitable for high-alkali, under conditions of high humidity (over 5% water, temperatures above 100 degrees centigrade). For these problems, the solution is: temperature exceeding 135 ℃, selection of Nomex, high temperature resistant fiber filter water over 5%, the temperature dropped to below 100 c, high alkali, under high humidity conditions, can be operated by hydrolysis of acrylonitrile in fiber and other fiber filter.

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